Sprinkler Systems, Encapsulator Agents and Extinguishers for all applications.

Embersafe provides cutting edge tools, products and systems to mitigate fire risk and empower Australians to extinguish fires of all kinds.

  • F-500 Fire Suppression Agent

    F500 is designed to prevent fuel ignition and reignition. F500 is non-corrosive, non-hazardous, fully biodegradable, and has a shelf life of up to 15 years. It works as a fuel encapsulation agent, and greatly reduces flammability of substances and structures. F-500 can be effective diluted into sprinkler or hose systems and is also available in fire extinguishers. Diluted F-500 can be up to twenty times more effective than water alone, and is able to extinguish fires of high difficulty quickly and efficiently, reducing risk and damage to property.

  • FST - Fire Suppression Tools

    FSTs are used by first responders to effectively suppress and extinguish early and late stage fires. The FST is deployed by pulling a pin which sets off electronic ignition, it is non-pressurised. The trigger generates an aerosol mist which fills the (ideally enclosed) space, suppressing fires rapidly. Compact and effective, FSTs are intended for use on class A, B, C and F (K) fires.


    Sprinkler nozzles are installed around the perimeter of your property and roof fascia and ridgeline. We will determine the optimal number of sprinkler heads for your designated fire safe zone. Our sprinklers are designed to meet embers in the air, resist trajectory change due to wind and deliver high volumes of product quickly.

  • F-500 Fire Extinguishers

    Pre-mixed and ready to use, f-500 fire extinguishers provide fast access to f-500 encapsulation technology for instantaneous fire suppression.

  • Firestryker Extinguishers

    Firestryker is a simple and compacy fire suppression system that uses a potassium aerosol jet to extinguish fires. Firestrykers run for approximately 100 seconds, effectively smothering class A, B, C, F (K) and electrical fires.


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Embersafe is owned and run by Western Australians. We’ve seen the impact bushfires can have on homes, families and communities. We’re committed to providing reliable, powerful and safe systems to keep West Australians safe. With over 37 years in design, irrigation and construction, we’ve got the tools and knowledge to offer the best fire protection systems on the market. Our professional team is there to ensure you get a solution that meets your unique requirements. 

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Barrie Mckinnon

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